Intralogistics solutions

Diamond Phoenix will undertake a complete range of projects from simply supplying 5m of Gravity Roller Conveyor up to the Design and Build of a full turnkey multi-million pound warehouse or manufacturing facility. Our unique structure enables us to be both competitive and effective on such a varied size of project.

Diamond Phoenix Automation offer a full range of conveyor and transportation solutions to suit a wide range of applications. From simple low throughput transportation systems for totes, cartons, pallets and custom loads to more complex integrated high speed sortation systems our experience-based engineering is behind the solution. Whether considering load handling characteristics, ergonomics, performance, costs or throughput, our engineering experience ensures your conveyor system will exceed your expectation.

Modern material handling solutions cannot be simply limited to a graphical representation of the plant layout. Designing a layout means taking into consideration not just technical criteria, but also critical factors involving the organization of the distribution or manufacturing process as a whole. Diamond Phoenix technicians possess all the specific know-how and have at their disposal the most up-to-date instruments and technologies to interpret customer needs accurately and efficiently.

As a Solution Provider for automated handling, Diamond Phoenix can effectively manage every stage of the design, installation, and post-sales service. Every activity is carried out in close collaboration with the customer, in order to fully interpret and satisfy customer needs. Our collaboration with Universities, research facilities and our own partners is an expression of our ongoing effort to stay up-to-date and our strong commitment to innovation. This is the only way to fully respond to ever changing market needs and to provide integrated logistics solution that effectively respond to specific requests.

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