SafeBox and BuyBox—24/7 self-service solutions


Intelligent storage & dispensing solutions

SafeBox is the first tailor-made self-service solution for the contact-free 24/7 high-density storage, distribution, return, replenishment and sales of high-rotation or high-value materials, even those with large dimensions or weights (PPE, work clothing and shoes, tools and equipment, hi-tech devices, keys for company vehicles or premises, spare parts, components and accessories and materials that require disposal, regeneration, repair,  recharge, etc.).

Whether it’s an operator that needs to pick-up or return an item, a courier that has to deliver a parcel, a supplier that has to replenish stock or a customer that needs to collect his own order,

SafeBox enables all users to do everything by themselves, 24/7, via the In-Out Point, whose doors open automatically to allow the users selective access, only to the authorized compartment in which they need to withdraw or deposit materials.

SafeBox is a completely enclosed modular structure, which extends its volume both vertically and horizontally and is ideal for installation in any type of environment, both indoor and outdoor, ensuring the highest level of protection from break-ins and bad weather.

The materials are stored in cases which can be easily configured and reconfigured over time, as per requirements. On request, these cases can be equipped with a power supply kit to recharge electrical or electronical devices when they are in storage.

Thanks to our management software ICON SAFE, SafeBox records every operation, monitors stock levels and consumption, sends alerts (regarding waste, minimum stock levels and deadlines), and transforms the data into statistics that can help companies to optimize their processes

24/7 self-service delivery point PPE spare parts consumables tools and equipment


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The “phygital” solution for the new omni-channel retail

BuyBox is the “phygital” touchpoint for retail sales that offers a contact-free, unified and interactive shopping experience using both online and offline channels.

When used in self-service mode, 24 hours a day, 365 day a year, BuyBox offers customers the freedom to buy on-site, pick up or return their online or offline purchases, at flexible times, therefore eliminating the need to stay home and wait for couriers, and avoiding missed deliveries.

Whether it’s a customer that wants to buy something, a courier that has to pick-up a return or an operator that has to replenish materials, BuyBox enables all users to do everything by themselves, intuitively and safely, in no time at all, via the In-Out Point.

Thanks to its modular design, BuyBox can be adapted to any type of environment, both indoor and outdoor, and allows you to manage a wide range of different materials, even those with large dimensions or weights, in a single point, overcoming the limits of traditional Vending Machines and electrified Parcel Lockers.

The integration of a temperature control device allows for the storage of frozen and refrigerated products, in the same machine.

The materials are stored in cases which can be easily configured and re-configured over time, in order to adapt them to any evolution in the merchandise mix.

Secure access via One-Time-Password, integrated CCTV and a fire-prevention system, together with a vandal-proof structure, ensure maximum protection of the stored materials.

The possibility to customize the cover skin and integrate Digital Signage and Proximity Marketing technologies, make BuyBox a really high-impact Digital-Out-of-Home channel.

Easily integrated via API with all the main management software, e-commerce portals and couriers platforms, BuyBox ensures the best omnichannel shopping experience, making Retail Supply Chain processes more efficient. It can track every single operation, send alerts and transform data into useful statistics to help retailers and e-tailers to better understand their customers, improve the merchandise mix and optimize their promotional strategy.

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