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Single-column Vertical Lift System for multi-purpose uses.

Completely redesigned in line with the Industry 4.0 paradigm and the latest technological and ergnomics standards, SILOL is the ideal solution for the intensive storage of items of various shapes and sizes and for the long and bulky items as well.

New motors and drives, combined with the dual-level tray delivery system and the load cells on the vertical-lift system, offer an unprecedented level of productivity, never before provided by a single-column storage system.

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Key benefits at a glance

The single–column vertical storage system for long and/or heavy items.

SILOXL is our single-column vertical storage system with shifting trays for the intensive and safe storage of long and/or heavy items such as profiles, bars, tubes, etc.

With the technological redesign and the increase in maximum tray load capacity (from 750 kg to 1,000 kg), our single–column vertical storage system for heavy and/or long items becames XL.

Main new features

  • Increase in maximum tray load capacity
  • Access opening available in three versions: internal, external or extended
  • Load cells of the access opening, as standard
  • New automatic device for the loading of the items within the tray

The tailor-made multi-column vertical storage system

SILO² is our automatic multi-column vertical lift system with shifting trays for intensive storage of different items.

It offers maximum adaptability to real storage needs, faster ergonomic solution in the picking operations of small-medium sized items, even with a very high specific weight offering a wide range of specific weights per tray: steel moulds, printing cylinders, fabric rolls, nuts and bolts, boxes, electrical & mechanical components, pharmaceuticals, spare parts, etc.

Main benefits

  • Best price / storage capacity ratio (£/m3)
  • Maximum exploitation of all available space both vertically and horizontally
  • High versatility in application and wide range of specific weights per tray (from 99.4 a 1,001 Kg/m²)
  • Unprecedent operational operational contintuity and flexibility

The multi-column automatic vertical storage system for order picking

SILOPlus is the multi-column vertical lift module with shifting tray for the storage and high-frequency picking of light loads (max 100 kg).

Thanks to its exclusive handling technology and to the variable sizing options for the trays (both in terms of dimensions and load capacity), SILOPlus represents the ideal storage solution for the rapid order processing.

Main benefits

  • Buffer inter-operational storage (line feeding)
  • Storage of lights parts and components
  • Individual safety devices storage (gloves, protective masks, protective clothing, glasses, etc.)
  • B2B distribution
  • B2C distribution
  • Pharmaceutical distribution

The interactive and multimedia system for a comfortable and secure picking

Simple, fast and secure operations. Zero mistakes.

IRIDE is the news interactive technology for the control and management of the SILO Vertical Lift Modules, designed to make all your picking and refilling operations more intuitive, fast and accurate, via a fully integrated digital environment both in the machine and in ICONTM, the ICAM software management system.

IRIDE transforms the way of thinking picking operations, defining new standard in terms of usability, productivity and accuracy: thanks to a combination of coloured light beams with the Digital Head-Up Dashboard and a control panel in the access opening, the operators can roam freely among the items they have to organize, eliminating the need to continually transit from control panel-to-tray during critical phases of picking or refilling processes.

With IRIDE, picking becomes a unique interactive experience in which to dive.


About ICAM

ICAM are a world class manufacturer of vertical lifts and storage systems, we have teamed up to deliver a range of bespoke products for our customer. For more information about ICAMs range of products visit silo-icam.com