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Havan are an industry-leading in the retail industry with their first store opening in 1996. More than 1 million products are handled daily in the distribution centre. About 300 trucks transport goods across the country every day.

The customer turned to Cassioli for the creation of a new automated distribution centre, to support the 50 stores of the Havan Group, in order to represent one of the most modern and innovative logistics centers in Brazil in the large-scale retail sector.

The warehouse of this ambitious project represents a real Distribution Center where the storage of goods, the preparation of customer orders and the relative packaging for shipment are carried out. The products are stored both on pallets and in plastic containers of various sizes. The warehouse is self-supporting and overall the average quantity in stock is represented by about 25,000 pallets and 2,000 containers.

After taking the time to understand the customer requirements, a detailed and forward-thinking proposal was submitted and approved. This solution was a 32 meters high self-supporting automatic warehouse:

• 5 stacker cranes for pallets
• 1 stacker crane for cassettes
• Pallet: 25,000 allocations
• Cassette: 2,000 allocations
• 16 picking islands
• Conveyor system
• 4 SLS (Shuttle Loop Systems)

Advantages & Benefits

The entire system has been sized in such a way as to meet the requirements relating to the accommodation potential and the handling potential. Another constraint that had to be respected is the plan-volume in order to contain the overall costs (balance between the number of stacker cranes, number of rooms horizontally and number of rooms in height).

As a result of the implementation of the 32 meter high self-supporting automatic warehouse, they are now benefiting from the following;-

• Reduction of cost savings and working times.
• Optimisation of workflow.
• Increase in productivity.
• Reduction of errors.
• Reduction of damages.

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