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Automated material handling system & picking specialists

Diamond Phoenix Automation is one of the market leaders in the design, integration and installation of innovative automated material handling systems such as carton and pallet conveyors, crane stores and picking solutions.

We are known as a company with deep automated material handling knowledge and experience across many different industry sectors for warehouse or factory automation and material handling systems.

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Diamond Phoenix is fully aware that the world of automation is ever-changing and therefore
businesses like yours require adaptive solutions that move with the times. Our experienced team
takes the time to understand your current problems before proposing the best-automated handling
material systems which will help to enhance efficiency, productivity, and throughput. Our experience
in automation gives them the confidence to proceed and our 24/7 support means that we are there
to deal with any issues that might arise.

Yes, of course. We have a dedicated case studies page that you can check out HERE. We’ve worked with some industry- leading brands that operate throughout the UK and beyond including DHL, Ikea, Stosa, Palazzoli, and Record. Click through on the branded images to learn more about Diamond Phoenix best assistedwith automated material handling systems.

Diamond Phoenix can supply and integrate automated systems throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you require an updated conveyor system, shuttle loop system, or any other alternate automated system, we are here to assist in the way we know best.

Our approach is a consistent one and we are committed to focusing on solutions over product applications. From the very first conversation, we take the time to understand your business so that we can collaborate with you every step of the way throughout the development process. Our key values include integrity, professionalism, and commitment.

Looking to enquire with our team today about our automated systems? Please get in touch with us
today at 01908 592354 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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