AGVs vs AMRs – Which Is Most Suitable For My Application?

AGVs vs AMRs – Which Is Most Suitable For My Application?

Diamond Phoenix are highly experienced in supplying AGVs and AMRs for a multitude of industries.

In this latest blog post, we will cover the key differences between AGVS and AMRS, as well as highlighting which one may be most suitable for your application.

Before we get into the few differences and suitability for applications, here’s an overview of both robotic systems:

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)


AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) have been around for decades with the first AGV coming onto the scene all the way back in 1950. Of course, since this time, technology has significantly improved and today’s AGVs compared to the first AGV are like night and day.

Essentially, AGVs are guided robotic vehicles that are supplied to industrial sectors characterised by a high degree of automation. Most AGVs move along defined pathways and are guided by marked lines on the floor to help travel to various warehouse destinations.

AGVs (Key Features)

• Execution Of Operations
• Elimination Of Destination Errors
• Efficient, Fast & Flexible
• Compatible With Various Pallet Sizes
• Highly Customisable

AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robot)


AMRs work similarly to AGVs but they don’t require to follow predetermined routes or marked lines. AMRs are often referred to as the ”next generation” of AGVs due to their great flexibility and in-built software which helps to predict the best and most efficient moves in regards to transportation in your warehouse or factory.

AMRs offer fantastic positioning capacity and work efficiently with roller conveyors and alternate conveyor systems.

AMRs (Key Features)

• Excellent Positioning Capacity
• Maximum Precision
• Integrated Software
• Interactive With Roller Conveyors
• Offers Great Flexibility

AGVs & AMRs – Differences To Acknowledge 

Fixed Vs Predicted Routes – AGVs and AMRs work in a similar fashion but one of the key differences is the AMRs work off predicted routes, as opposed to fixed or predetermined routes. Unlike AGVs, which are guided by strips and/or sensors, AMRs are guided by in-built software and maps.

Using this in-build software, AMRs work off their own accord by choosing the most efficient next step or route which helps to improve efficiency, save time and increase output.

Limited Flexibility vs Higher Flexibility – Another difference between the two types of robotic system is the degree of flexibility. If you have unpredictable and ever-changing demand or output, it’s highly likely that you’ll require a higher degree of flexibility which is exactly what you get with AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

Although AGVs are a fantastic automation and robotic addition to any warehouse, changes once made and set can become expensive.

Which Is Most Suitable For My Application?

There are many factors to consider that will give a strong indication to whether your operations will be better suited to AMRs or AGVS. Firstly, it’s important to consider your type of business and sector.

For example, AMRs are typically better suited in the modern-day for more agile businesses that require regular modifications to products or the production line. On the other hand, AGVs may be better suited for traditional business models and simpler processes that require automation to a high standard.

Industries best suited for AGVS – Fantastic solution in predetermined environments such as manufacturing or material handling facilities,

Industries best suited for AMRs – A superb solution for in ever-changing environments that require a higher degree of flexibility such as intralogistics and deliveries.

Why Choose Diamond Phoenix?

Diamond Phoenix are highly-experienced in supplying bespoke AGVs and AMRs throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond. We are able to supply both robotic systems for all of the above mentioned industries and sectors. We truly take the time to listen to your bespoke requirements before proposing the best and most efficient solutions.

Diamond Phoenix truly cares about the success of your company and leaves no question unanswered. Moreover, we also supply and install a multitude of conveyor systems with particular systems integrating well with Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Further reasons to choose us include;

  • Cassioli’s Sole UK Agent
  • Fantastic proven record
  • Deep industry knowledge and experience
  • We provide 24/7 support

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