Airport Conveyor Belts

Airport Conveyor Belts

Diamond Phoenix have installed conveyors at airports around the world, including Glasgow and Birmingham.

We have a comprehensive range of airport conveyor belts available for Airports to meet the very latest regulations and requirements, and to guarantee a highly efficient process. All conveyors supplied to airports are well-designed to withstand sharp edges, oily environments, and to also withstand cutting.

Moving bags throughout the airport is no easy task. However, it can be made simple when you use a conveyor belt system which is specifically designed for effective baggage handling transporting suitcases from check-in and through the various stages required.


There are many reasons why dozens of airports throughout the UK and overseas select conveyors as their preferred option for effective baggage handling. Conveyors help airports to improve and better manage turnaround times. With hundreds of flights going out of any airport every single day, a quick turnaround time is essential and that’s what you get with conveyors. Moreover, airport conveyors also help to speed up the baggage loading/unloading process which makes it a much more efficient process for workers and passengers.

Airport Conveyor Belts – Features

  • Automatic tray recovery system with separate management of suspicious baggage (as per IATA recommendations). Significant increase in the flow of passengers concerning conventional systems
  • Minimum footprint
  • It may be easily integrated with modern X-ray control systems
  • Reduction in required staff for the inspection process
  • Low noise, reliable, and low energy consumption system
  • A modular system that can meet any special requirement and that can be reconfigured for extensions or changes to designated areas
  • Automatic detection of objects left in the tray (optional)
  • Simultaneous management of different types of trays (optional)

Airport Conveyor Belts – Uses

Essentially, airport conveyors are used to transporting luggage from check-in through to transferring passenger luggage onto the flight. Conveyor systems can be found at check-in and baggage reclaim areas and they make it easy for passengers to collect their luggage after boarding a flight. Conveyors can be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements. For example, some smaller airports may require simple conveyor belt systems, whereas larger airports may require more complex systems where baggage can travel throughout a facility with minimal human intervention.


airport conveyor belts

Diamond Phoenix can also implement the FAST2CHECK system at all sizes of airports throughout the UK. The FAST2CHECK system is an ATRS system (Automatic Tray Return System) that has been designed to maximise productivity, increase efficiency, and ultimately reduce waiting times for passengers during security checks. This is a fantastic solution for managing and approving suspicion baggage sent to the re-check station. The FAST2CHECK uses the highest quality of materials which guarantees operational reliability. Further characteristics include automatic viewing and a high-speed recirculation system.

Why Choose Diamond Phoenix For Airport Conveyor Belts?

Here at Diamond Phoenix, we have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality conveyors for airports. When you choose Diamond Phoenix, you are guaranteed customised designs to your exact requirements and competitive pricing. Our team cares about your company and your continued success. We are known as a company with deep industry knowledge and experience across many different industry sectors. We work towards and deliver high standards which our current and past clients are willing to confirm.

Looking to enquire with our expert team today regarding airport conveyors? If so, get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 01908 592354. Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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