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Best automated handling systems for Food & Beverage

Best automated handling systems for Food & Beverage

Diamond Phoenix can design and integrate high-quality automated handling systems for the Food & Beverage industry. Automating your food production processes can result in improved output, efficiency, and profitability.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you may believe, at least not when you work with specialists just like our dedicated team at Diamond Phoenix. We work with you to discuss and provide smart solutions to increase your productivity regardless of your business size.

In the modern day, food manufacturing companies need to eliminate or reduce unnecessary costs if they wish to continue to compete and thrive within such a highly competitive market. The automation systems of storage and picking are the added value that ensures the entire chain of the food industry. To achieve high-performance security and profitability of the plant is the goal, and in the long run, an overall improvement of the efficiency of the company is reflected in significant competitive advantages over rivals.

Challenges For Food & Beverage

  • Reducing Energy Costs – With energy bills ever-rising, it’s more important than ever that food and beverage companies gain that competitive edge to reduce energy costs. This can be achieved by implementing automation in the form of bespoke and modular belt conveyor systems. It’s time to move toward more efficient operations.
  • Maintaining Food Safety – Proactively managing the food safety process and result for both workers and consumers is paramount in the industry. Ensure that you are meeting compliance and the highest standards by automating your processes.
  • Gain Efficiencies – Operational excellence is something that every food and beverage company should be aiming for. This includes maximising productivity and efficiency. Find out more about how you can achieve this by keeping costs to a minimum.


One of the most popular and in-demand products that we supply for the Food And Beverage industry are AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). AGVs are used for a multitude of different purposes within the industry. For example, they are used for efficiently moving raw materials, finished goods, and packing materials. Moreover, for maximum productivity and to reduce potential errors, there are also possibilities to connect AGVs to existing software. They can be produced in stainless steel to conform to any environment and regulations.

Bespoke Conveyors

Bespoke conveyors are another hugely popular choice when it comes to automation and improving current processes within the Food and Beverage industry. Custom designs can be provided by companies like Diamond Phoenix to ensure fast and effective sanitation. It’s important to custom-design a bespoke conveyor that improves the safety of your workforce whilst also contributing to speeding up process and productivity.

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular Conveyor Belts are a state-of-the-art modular plastic chain conveyor system. They provide a solid traveling surface for the unit loads, which offers many advantages. Each section of the conveyor is powered independently allowing simultaneous load movement and load building. Modular conveyors are also suitable for transporting heavier items on pallets, plastic boxes, food and beverage products, and further components.

Why Choose Diamond Phoenix?

Diamond Phoenix has developed customised solutions and installed systems for its clients, depending on the food to transport and store, installing plants partially or fully automated. Our team cares about your company and its continued success. We are known as a company with deep industry knowledge and experience across many different industry sectors. We work towards and deliver high standards which our current and past clients are willing to confirm.

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