Five Benefits Of Warehouse Control Systems

Five Benefits Of Warehouse Control Systems

Diamond Phoenix are highly experienced in designing and installing warehouse control systems.

In this latest blog post, we’ll be covering the top FIVE benefits of warehouse control systems.

A high-quality operating WCS (Warehouse Control System) coordinates, controls and adjusts all processes regarding automated material flows. Essentially, a WCS is a software that is responsible for the control and automation of real-time activity within warehouses and distribution centres. 

There are various features of a warehouse control system that makes it paramount for your warehouse to operate efficiently and with minimal disruption to productivity. Features of a WCS may include;-

  • Determining the most efficient and proactive routes for products
  • Assisting with real-time monitoring and real-time activities
  • Managing various throughout different sub-systems in your warehouse
  • Transmitting directives to equipment controllers

Benefits Of Warehouse Control Systems

There are a plethora of benefits but here are the top FIVE benefits your warehouse is guaranteed to reap as a result of installing a high-quality WCS:

Real-time display of warehouse activities – This allows warehouse managers to view warehouse activities as they happen and without delay or hesitation. Therefore, you are much better positioned to react to minor errors or unwanted changes in activities. Manage end-to-end workflows in real time and benefit from being proactive, rather than reactive.

Greater accuracy – As a result of having a high-quality warehouse control system, you will also benefit from much great accuracy thanks to the elimination of picking or handling errors which can easily happen with human labour and human error.

Increased Control – You’ll also benefit from efficacious systems which will allow for increased statistical control and analysis of your current systems and automated handling. Because of this, you can identify where to further improve warehouse efficiencies.

Greater Productivity – Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) will also help to provide greater operator and plant productivity with the help of stacker crane robots. Smoother end-to-end workflow is almost guaranteed with our systems for warehouses.

Continuous Improvements – In line with the Japanese concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement), you will benefit from continuously improving your end-to-end workflows and operations as you will be provided with exact stats and analytics.

High-Quality Integration

So, there you have it, the top five benefits of warehouse control systems. 

Did you know that warehouse control systems are also exceptional for integration? This is paramount if you have various conveyor systems, automation and robotics that you want to work with in unison. Warehouse Control Systems supplied and installed by Diamond Phoenix can be easily integrated with the following types of automation and robotics; Shuttle Loop Systems, AGVs, AMR’s, and Stacker Cranes. Monitoring and control of all transfer systems may be carried out automatically or manually.

Why Choose Diamond Phoenix?

Diamond Phoenix has decades of experience in designing, supplying and installing high-quality warehouse control systems for warehouses and factories throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond. We are a company that focuses on solutions over product applications and have a tried and proven process for solutions development across a wide and varied range of applications. Our team truly cares about your company’s success which is why we always provide bespoke solutions that meet your specific aims and objectives based on the size of your operations / warehouse. 

Further reasons to choose us include;

  • Cassioli’s Sole UK Agent
  • Fantastic proven record
  • Deep industry knowledge and experience
  • We provide 24/7 support

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