Man upgrading a conveyor system

Reasons to upgrade your conveyor system

Reasons to upgrade your conveyor system

Diamond Phoenix can design and implement high-quality conveyor system upgrades that helps you to meet growing demand and surpass technical issues.

We are Diamond Phoenix Automation, a UK-based company that services worldwide clients with sophisticated conveyor solutions. Our systems are modern and solve real-life problems for businesses and organisations. More specifically, a large part of what we do is analyse the operational aspect of what a company is doing, see if we can help improve that and offer the technology to the potential client. An example of our work is designing and building a fully automated warehouse system for an e-commerce brand. Having a new and complex conveyor system allowed them to become more efficient and therefore ship out more orders than ever before. This ultimately adds to profitability and allows the business to grow.

There are therefore a number of reasons why a company may need to upgrade its conveyor system, which we’d love to run you through in this article.

Outdated Conveyor System

Your current solution might be outdated for what you’re trying to achieve as a business. Technology changes at a rapid speed and we’re constantly at the forefront of the developments. This means we can always offer an up-to-date product and something that will enhance your productivity. After all, you need something that will aid your business, company or organisation in the best possible way and that could include the newest technology.

Scaling Business

Another reason to upgrade your current conveyor system is that it may not be fit for purpose moving forward. If you are a business looking to rapidly scale and your current system has a maximum capacity, there is fair reason to suggest an upgraded conveyor system is feasibly needed. We work in lots of different sectors including food, drink, automotive, airports, distribution, efulfillment and more too. With any of these sectors, it’s important to address what your ambitions are and whether you need a change to help get there.

Competition & Demand

A third reason why you may need to upgrade your conveyor system is that you may need to catch up with your competition. For example, if a business can ship out twice the amount of products on a daily basis, they may be able to half the shipping time for customers getting their items, which is quite appealing for them. This may be the difference between them choosing another business over yours. So, in order to keep up, you’d have to look at getting similar conveyor systems in place, or better to retain or even gain some market share.

Technical Issues

A final reason, but not the only one left, is that you may be spending a lot of time, effort and resources, fixing, repairing, or maintaining your current system, when it may be more cost-effective over time to simply upgrade. If you are starting to see more and more unscheduled maintenance or line stoppages due to conveyor issues then costs can very quickly start to spiral. Having an unreliable conveyor system can become very costly through the need for spare parts and/or engineer visits. It can also be damaging in terms of productivity too.

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We would of course welcome any enquiries on this subject because it’s something we’re passionate about and excited about helping others with. Imagine doubling your output with a new system and seeing more of your products or items flying out of the warehouse, factory, or distribution centre. We help people, businesses, companies, and organisations do just that. You can contact us in a number of ways including by phone at 01908 592 354, by email at [email protected] or by using our contact form on our website.

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