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Small Belt Conveyor Systems

Small Belt Conveyor Systems

Small Belt Conveyors

Diamond Phoenix supply and install small belt conveyor systems throughout the UK.

There are lots of different types of conveyor belt systems used for a variety of purposes. Each one has a unique feature or attribute that allows them to do certain things. In this article we will be talking about small conveyor belt systems, also known as miniature or mini belt conveyors. As the name suggests, a small conveyor is quite literally a conveyor belt that is much smaller than the standard ones you might see in warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

They’re designed to move little and lightweight parts and products safely and efficiently. They’re used in lots of different industries by lots of businesses, companies and organisations. As you can imagine, for small parts that need to be moved around a building in volume, small conveyor belts can be really helpful. You’d commonly find small conveyor belts in industries such as automotive, medical, manufacturing, retail and lots more too.

One of the best things about small conveyor belts is that they can be built in a multitude of sizes, speeds and specifications. You would probably be looking to use a small conveyor belt for a very specific reason, so having some customisation options is a real positive. This is because you can have the system fitted to your exact requirements.

To give an example, a retail packaging unit may need a long conveyor belt so packages can travel all the way around the facility for the different stages of the process such as loading, labelling and storing. A pharmaceutical company however may need a slightly different style small conveyor belt in order to transport pills and medicine, quickly and at mass.

Another good feature of small conveyor belts is that they’re durable. Despite their look and size, they’re often made from stainless steel or mild steel and made incredibly well. They have longevity and consistency which are two excellent reasons why they’re so popular. 

Although you may initially think the opposite, mini conveyor belts are actually cost effective. With the volume of work one system can achieve in the same time as a human, there’s no competition. Once you’d worked out the hourly output versus cost between the two as well, you’d see the benefit.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of smaller conveyor belts or want to go deeper into specific features, then please get in contact with us here at Diamond Phoenix. We are experts in this field and would be happy to sit down and chat through what you need from us. We supply and install hundreds of small conveyor belt systems each year so you’re in the right place.

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