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Automated warehouse for light loads

Automated warehouse for light loads

Cassioli’s miniload automated warehouses are primarily designed to meet storage and handling needs for small parts placed inside containers, such as boxes, crates or trays of various materials and dimensions and can be configured according to the needs of each individual project.

The miniload warehouse, which features a light and performance-oriented design, is composed of two shelving units positioned at the sides and a central aisle for a stacker crane to operate. Cassioli manufactures various types of miniloads suitable for heights up to 16 meters, horizontal speed up to 5 m/s and operation with various types of load units.

The automation and handling area is located at one end or on one side of the shelving: the stacker crane deposits the load taken from the shelving onto the conveyors, so that the operator can pick or place the goods.

The stacker crane is coordinated by management software that tracks the location of all materials in the warehouse and maintains a live inventory. High-speed operation allows stacker cranes to guarantee high performance, with reduced picking and placing times. The specific features of the miniload warehouses make them the ideal solution to optimise picking operations on assembly lines or in shipping departments.

Main features

  • High performance in terms of speed and acceleration
  • Optimisation of available space
  • Possibility of storing and handling various types of materials
  • Handling of individual containers or trays
  • Product-to-man, goods-to-man concept
  • Optimisation of stock management
  • Elimination manual-management errors
  • Possibility of using a self-supporting structure

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