Warehouse Control System

Fully integrated controls designed to provide the required functionality of the system. From stand-alone local controls to fully interfaced controls with other technologies and host systems. We can also design systems to provide full diagnostic and Data reporting.

iControl – Warehouse control system (WCS).

The iControl WCS (Warehouse Control System) coordinates, controls and adjusts all processes regarding automated material flows. Equipped with a modular and open-ended configuration, the iControl system allows for dynamic storage allocation management, thus minimizing loading and unloading routes. iControl WCS is perfectly integrated with the iWare warehouse management system and the iMaker production control software.

Handling processes managed by iControl allow for horizontal or vertical material or product transfer from one place to another. In the event of a mere distance to be covered, transfer must be carried out quickly and reliably, as the actual transfer time is considered idle-time. Diamond Phoenix produces advanced transfer systems, from simple conveyors (tape, chain, slat, belt, roller, etc.) to more complex automated solutions.

The iControl Warehouse control system software represents the logical and physical interface between transfer system PLCs and the iWare warehouse system management system. In addition to providing the perfect integration of Diamond Phoenix hardware, such as stacker cranes, AGV vehicles, SLS shuttles (Shuttle Loop System), etc., the system also provides a standard interface to communicate with third party field automation devices (heterogeneous PLCs).

In addition to connecting the PLC and the iWare warehouse management, the iControl system can handle asymmetrical work loads and optimize work times and work routes, in accordance with handling requirements associated to the plant’s physical characteristics. Monitoring and control of all transfer systems may be carried out automatically or manually.

iWare: Warehouse management (WMS).

iWare: Warehouse management (WMS). Warehouse storage means guaranteeing product or material availability in order to ensure interruption-free supply and production. Today, efficient system logistics are a must in order to meet market demands, be they automated and/or traditional manual warehouses. The WMS iWare is a (multi-lingual) modular software with a standardised base. It is designed to provide for considerable customisation and parameterisation, to satisfy customer requirements (UDC specificity, plant surface area and volume conditions, storage and handling logic, etc.).

With the aim of warehouse management at the lowest possible cost without compromising high service levels, iWare can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduction of time required to fill orders
  • Stock and inventory values always correct
  • Real-time display of warehouse activities
  • Greater accuracy thanks to the elimination of picking or handling errors
  • Greater operator and plant productivity with stacker crane robots
  • Drastic reduction of paperwork
  • Efficacious systems for statistical control and analysis

The WMS iWare has a modular and open architecture that endows the software with high flexibility and connectivity features. It is made up of a main nucleus of applications that are constantly connected to the Database (DBMS) and Customer applications. This configuration allows for computerized management of any transaction that takes place inside the warehouse. Data safety and traceability is an essential iWare priority: the perfect hardware-software integration (PLC and PC), along with the intelligent structure of the system ensure maximum data preservation and fast function reset even subsequent to extraordinary crisis events.

The iWare system controls all operating processes in the warehouse area with the utmost efficiency, providing accurate stock control. Maximum efficiency is ensured through the automation of the main processes internal to the warehouse connected to the entire logistic chain:

  • Physical and accounting reception of incoming merchandise
  • Identification and traceability of load units
  • Selection of storage allocations
  • Optimizing of stock levels
  • Batch, priorities, FEFO-LIFO-FIFO logic, temperature control, etc.
  • Optimizing of transport inside the plant using modern technologies
  • Order preparation and consolidation
  • Supply management
  • Inventory
  • Information and reporting system

Thanks to the latest test automatic identification systems (bar code, RFID, etc.), Diamond Phoenix’s WMS provides for complete traceability of products, components and load units, such as boxes and pallets. The system records every object’s physical movement so that the user is provided with information regarding quantities in-stock and exact production location within the warehouse, in real-time. Reports on accesses and ABC analysis save on workloads and guarantee per warehouse administration.

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