iCRANE Stacker Crane

Automated warehouse with ICRANE stacker crane dedicated to the storage of pallets in multi-depth shelving. The ICRANE system is Cassioli’s automated warehouse specifically designed for the storage of pallets in multi-depth shelving, through integration of shuttle pallets and stacker cranes. ISAT shuttles, after being transferred onto a stacker crane in a specific storage channel, pick or place the load according to the information received from the warehouse management system.

ICRANE and ISAT pallet shuttles interface directly with the management system and can be integrated with other automatic handling systems such as AGV vehicles, SLS Rail-Guided Vehicles or traditional handling systems. Data communication with Wi-Fi technology allows the control system to communicate missions and perform diagnostics, battery status and remote monitoring.

An example of these systems in action can be found in the below video link!

Diamond Phoenix Automation – Cassioli – Wagg Pet Foods

Main features

  • Optimization of space and warehouse efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption for use of the plant
  • Automation of product-in and product-out operations.
  • Reduced operator risks and errors through manual management
  • Great flexibility and ease of picking
  • Ease of use and increased productivity
  • Possibility of using a self-supporting structure

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