iMASTER Shuttle

The Cassioli IMASTER automated warehouse with IMASTER is the most effective modular system when it is necessary to combine high storage capacity with high numbers of movements. IMASTER is a fully automatic shuttle on guide rails that transfers the satellite to the different storage channels.

One or two lifts will perform vertical movements, communicating with the various levels. This means that if the system has, for example, five levels, five IMASTER shuttles will be installed to carry out the movements from the lifts to the storage channels of each level. Alternatively, if the number of cycles/hour allows it, the shuttle can serve all levels of the warehouse being moved vertically by a lift: in this case, the lift does not only move the pallet but the IMASTER itself. All management and automatic control, with operation, location, assignment and preparation criteria, etc., is performed by Cassioli’s warehouse management software. In systems with IMASTER shuttles, the number of movements or cycles/hour is multiplied by the number of levels in the warehouse.

Main features

  • Optimisation of space and warehouse efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption for use of the plant
  • Automation of product-in and product-out operations
  • Working temperature from -30° to +40°C
  • Possibility of adaptation to special working conditions
  • Reduction of operator risks and errors through manual management
  • Great flexibility and ease in picking
  • Possibility of using a self-supporting structure

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