iSAT Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle

Cassioli’s semi-automatic ISAT pallet shuttle is designed for high-density pallet storage.

The semi-automatic ISAT allows storage of a large quantity of pallets, with a depth of more than 40 meters from the loading front, allowing optimization of warehouse space and offering the possibility to store pallets of different depths in the same storage channel. ISAT, in semi-automatic mode, is controlled by a remote control managed directly by the operator. From display on the remote control the user can monitor operating conditions in real time. LED indicators help the operator to locate the exact position of the pallet shuttle in the warehouse.

See the link below for the iSAT in action!

Diamond Phoenix Automation – Cassioli – Wagg Pet Foods

The ISAT pallet shuttle is also designed to work in environments with temperatures below zero: it is therefore the ideal solution for use in industrial refrigerators or freezers, without affecting their operation and performance.

Main features

  • Maximum storage capacity in small spaces
  • Ability to operate in environments with temperatures down to -30°C
  • Space optimization and reduction of warehouse management costs
  • Reduced risk of accidents and damage to goods
  • Maximum adaptability to existing drive-in structures
  • Possibility to operate in LIFO and FIFO mode
  • Ability to manage pallets of different sizes
  • Possibility to store pallets with different loads in the same lane
  • High performance
  • Possibility of using a self-supporting structure

Technical features

Maximum speed ISAT (empty)up to 1.22 m/s
Maximum speed ISAT (with load)up to 0.62 m/s
Drive wheels4
Data communicationWi-Fi
Working temperaturefrom 0°C to 45°C and from -30°C to 0°C
Maximum load capacity1500 Kg (on request, up to 2000 Kg)
Operating autonomyfrom 8 to 10 hours
Battery recharge time2,5 hours
Number of cycles1200 cycles (FELIPO4 48V 33A)
Recharge voltage and frequency220V (50/60 HZ) – 110 V (60 HZ)
Battery weight16,5 kg
Type of rechargeRemovable battery

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