Satellites Systems

In addition to traditional warehouses, Cassioli manufactures multi-depth automated warehouses with high-density ISAT pallet shuttles that allow optimal use of warehouse space.

The multi-depth automated warehouse uses ISAT satellites (pallet shuttles) that independently pick and place the various load units on the shelves. This system allows many pallets to be stored one in front of the other on one level, optimizing the available space. The pallet shuttle is equipped with sensors to display the position of the device at any time. In addition to storage, Cassioli ISAT allows you to perform various functions, such as reordering, counting, manual management and much more. The multi-depth warehouse with ISAT pallet shuttle has a double working logic, with a FIFO or LIFO system; ISAT can operate in combination with ICRANE or IMASTER shuttle; AWDS technology (All-Wheel Drive System).

Main features

  • Optimization of space and warehouse efficiency
  • Reduced system energy consumption
  • Automation of product-in/product-out operations
  • Possibility of adaptation to particular working conditions
  • Reduction of operator risks and errors due to manual management
  • Ease of picking
  • Possibility of using self-supporting structure

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