maximising conveyor performance

SIX Tips For Maximising Conveyor System Performance

SIX Tips For Maximising Conveyor System Performance

Diamond Phoenix Automation supplies and installs a multitude of high-quality conveyor systems throughout the UK and across Europe. Conveyor systems are highly beneficial across a number of industries for increasing efficiency, maximising output, and ultimately improving your bottom line.

Conveyor systems are a costly investment and it’s important that you maximise their potential by following the tips in this latest blog post for maximising conveyor system performance.

Let’s get started with our top SIX tips…

maximising conveyor performance

Regular Maintenance

Implement a preventive maintenance program to ensure the conveyor system operates at peak performance. This includes inspecting and cleaning the belts, rollers, and other components, as well as checking for any signs of wear or damage. Regular lubrication of moving parts is also essential.

Here at Diamond Phoenix Automation, we provide a dedicated conveyor maintenance service so instead of being reactive, if faults happen and slow down your production line, we keep on top of things for you. As a result of conveyor maintenance, you’re also likely to benefit from increased equipment reliability and longer equipment lifespan.

Safety Measures

The second way to optimise the performance of your conveyor system is to ensure that safety measures are properly implemented throughout your warehouse or operations. You can prioritise safety by installing emergency stop switches, warning signs where necessary, and also by installing safety guards.

Not only do safety measures keep your workforce safe but they minimise business disruption if anything goes wrong or if there is a delay in production. Therefore, as a result of this, your conveyor systems performance will be further optimised for maximum efficiency.

Optimal Design

Optimal design is a further way to maximise conveyor system performance. Every warehouse is unique and will require a bespoke approach. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you get when you work Diamond Phoenix Automation. When you work with us, we will ensure that we consider all bespoke factors, in line with your requirements, including load capacity, speed configurations, and the type of material being transported. An efficient design will help minimise bottlenecks, reduce energy consumption, and maximise throughput.

Regular System Evaluation

Periodically evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of your conveyor system is our fourth top tip to consider. Identifying any areas that need improvement and implementing appropriate measures is a sure way to optimise your systems performance. Moreover, it’s important to stay updated with advancements in conveyor technology and consider upgrades or modifications when necessary. This ensures that you are continually evolving with the industry and not being left behind by competition.

System Integration

Did you know that you also have the option of Integrating your conveyor system with other equipment, such as robotic arms or automated sorting systems? This can help to further maximise the performance of your conveyor system to create a seamless workflow. Moreover, as a result of system integration, you can also benefit from eliminating bottlenecks, reduced manual handling, and increased productivity throughout your warehouse. System integration can work well with a number of our conveyor systems including belt conveyors, pallet conveyors, and modular conveyors.

Regular Cleaning

Another tip from the Diamond Phoenix Automation team for maximising conveyor system performance is to perform regular cleaning. As part of our conveyor maintenance service, we are able to do this thoroughly for you. Regularly cleaning your conveyor system will help to keep your system clean and prevent the build-up of material and debris residue. If your system is neglected, this can result in a slower overall system which has a direct impact on your system’s performance.

Why Choose Diamond Phoenix?

Here at Diamond Phoenix, we supply and install over half a dozen different conveyor systems to help your operations improve speed of transactions, improve productivity, and efficiency. We are specialists in automation and understand that the industry is ever-evolving.

Our team offers a truly bespoke approach and takes the time to understand your requirements. Whether you’re seeking a belt conveyor system, modular belt conveyor, or any other type of conveyor/automated system, we are just a phone call away.

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