Modular Conveyor Belts

Our Modular Conveyor is a state-of-the-art modular plastic chain conveyor system. It provides a solid travelling surface for the unit loads, which offers many advantages. Each section of the conveyor is powered independently allowing simultaneous load movement and load building.

Gaps between adjacent sections have been minimised to provide greater stability and ensure transfer of the smallest of items. The System can be used for most conveying applications from palletised goods to furniture, stacks of timber and card, paper reels, parcel handling and vehicles in assembly.


Between Frame Widths:
  • 0.8m, 1.05m,1.2 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.1 m, and 2.4 m
  • Various widths can also be used in combination for extra-wide conveyors
  • 3 m, 6m and 9 m
  • Standard with other lengths available
Chain Material:
  • Acetal plastic solid platform comprised of 25 mm (1”) segments joined by lacing rod with
  • nylon retaining pins. Acetal plastic offers super low friction, high tensile strength and
  • excellent resistance to wear on continuously highly-loaded conveyors.
Load Rating:

6,800 kg per unit using optional 4.0kw motor

Conveyor Speeds
  • 12 and 18 MPM Standard
  • Speed options vary by application & fully adjustable by vfd.
Drive Components:

Flange-mounted gear motor directly coupled to a square drive shaft with sprockets.

Product Construction:

Rugged frame is precision CNC cut and formed in mild or stainless sheet metal.

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