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Check-in desks, carousels or inclined planes for the return, belt conveyors, Integration of the x-ray or explosive, shunt systems, sorters or continuous “point to point”: We can offer all the necessary elements for airport baggage handling systems and automatic sorting at high speed. The effective management of transfers and baggage screening is a priority for airports around the world. The baggage must be moved, manipulated and controlled with accuracy, speed and security. All equipment is designed with the aim of achieving the best balance between cost, efficiency and reliability.

The baggage must be moved, handled and controlled with accuracy, speed and safety via baggage handling systems. Diamond Phoenix offers specific baggage handling systems for luggage sorting and inspection. The inspection lines must ensure efficiency from the point of view of safety, ergonomics for passengers and operators, minimum footprint and low operating costs. The Diamond Phoenix FAST2CHECK system is the answer to this challenge. The innovative automated checkpoint ensures high safety standards of the inspection process, comfort for users and cost-effective process.

The high quality of materials used and top-level components ensure extreme operating reliability and precision to FAST2CHECK system. Having commercialised handling devices since 1960, our technicians are today capable of proposing the most appropriate baggage handling systems for an efficient airport, by designing a custom solution.

Baggage Handling System features:

  • Automatic tray recovery system with separate management of suspicious baggage (as per IATA recommendations). Significant increase in the flow of passengers with respect to conventional systems
  • Minimum footprint
  • May be easily integrated with modern X-ray control systems
  • Reduction in required staff for inspection process
  • Low noise, reliable and low energy consumption system
  • A modular system that can meet any special requirement and that can be reconfigured for extensions or changes of designated areas
  • Automatic detection of objects left in the tray (optional)
  • Simultaneous management of different types of trays (optional)
  • Customised design
  • Competitive price
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