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Belt Conveyor Systems

Designing and integrating high-quality belt conveyor systems

Belt Conveyor Systems
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A comprehensive range of belt conveyor systems designed for multiple warehouse conveyor system applications including:

  • Elevating/lowerating products between levels
  • Belt bends
  • Transportation of diverse range of product load
  • Metering belts creating gaps between product
  • Waste conveyors
  • Telescopic boom conveyors

For the vast majority of industrial applications, belt conveyor systems are the go-to option as they can handle the majority of material transport tasks. Whether you’re looking for a conveyor system to effectively transport unpackaged goods, packaged goods, or both, belt conveyor systems may be exactly what you’re looking for.

When it comes to moving products to and from stations, conveyor belt systems are ideal and are available in an extensive range with Diamond Phoenix.

One of the reasons that conveyor belts are so popular for industrial use is that they are extremely simple to operate and can help to improve overall productivity, efficiency, and output. Conveyor belts are essentially a continuous loop of belts that are driven electrically. In terms of the materials used for the conveyor belt, there are two main options to consider; stainless steel and powder-coated mild steel.

As well as the obvious benefits of maximising output and efficiency, they also offer fantastic space-saving capabilities. The type of conveyor belt system you may require will depend on your industry, application, and other factors.

But don’t worry, our expert team at Diamond Phoenix will make sure you choose the best conveyor belt for your business. For more information, please call us today on 01908 592354 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Modular Belt Conveyors

One of the most popular types of belt conveyor systems that Diamond Phoenix supply to a wide range of industries is the modular belt conveyor. Modular belt conveyor systems are well-known for their excellent durability and can be easily installed by our excellent team. The System can be used for most conveying applications from palletised goods to furniture, stacks of timber and card, paper reels, parcel handling and vehicles in assembly. Moreover, you are guaranteed increased efficiency with these types of conveyors and they can also be exposed to both hot and cold temperatures. Read more about modular conveyors on our dedicated product page here.

Mezzanine Belt Conveyors

Mezzanine – also commonly referred to as Inter-floor belt conveyors – are an ideal automated solution to inclined or horizontal product transportation. If you need products and/or materials to be transferred across one or multiple floors, mezzanine conveyor belt may be the most suitable conveyor for your application. They have the capability to operate continuously and are available in a multitude of lengths, elevations and widths to suit your bespoke requirements. This type of conveyor is commonly installed within warehouse and factories. Read more about mezzanine on our dedicated product page by getting in touch with us today here.

Small Belt Conveyors

Small belt conveyor systems are specifically designed to move little and lightweight parts and products safely and efficiently. For small parts that need to be transferred and relocated within a warehouse or production line, this type of conveyor is highly suitable. Small conveyors offer fantastic space-saving capabilities and are available in a multitude of belt widths, speeds, and conveyor lengths to suit your bespoke requirements. Diamond Phoenix can install small conveyor systems for production, packaging, food, and various other industries. Find out more by visiting our dedicated product page here.

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