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AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are particularly suited for handling load units in industrial sectors characterised by a high degree of automation, with particularly variable and complex material flows. This product is also effective wherever health and hygiene, microbiological or temperature conditions do not guaranty absolute personnel safety.

The flexibility of carts represents a sure investment choice, seeing as all system features may be entirely reprogrammed in the event of even drastic changes in the tasks to be carried out. Supervision of AGV systems is made possible by intuitive displays that describe the current warehouse situation in real-time.

The interfaces developed by our technicians ensure full integration with all other devices (stacker cranes, robotised areas, palletisers, handling lines, etc.) and with the high-level IT system used by customers.

AGVs (Key Features)

• Execution Of Operations
• Elimination Of Destination Errors
• Efficient, Fast & Flexible
• Compatible With Various Pallet Sizes
• Highly Customisable


Diamond Phoenix also supply AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) for a wide range of industries including warehousing, production, and packaging. AMRs are similar to AGVs but are classified as the next generation of AGV systems that are well-integrated with in-built software that can predict future moves and transportation processes.

AMR’s do NOT require drastic changes to the production plant and offer greater flexibility to tackle more complex tasks that may require artificial intelligence for improved speed, efficiency, and output. These systems navigate themselves, without human intervention, via through drawings and maps.

These automated systems can be used for a multitude of industries but are most commonly used for efficiently transporting goods throughout logistics facilities.

AMRs (Key Features)

• Excellent Positioning Capacity
• Maximum Precision
• Integrated Software
• Interactive With Roller Conveyors
• Offers Great Flexibility

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