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The systems offered to clients can be simple gravity roller solutions or complex plants complete with any device such as, trucks, tippers, rotary tables, manipulators, robots, ZERO-gravity, palletizers, transfers, pushers, screwdrivers, strapping, taping, wrapping, labeling, etc.

In addition to individual “stand alone” stations, Diamond Phoenix is able to provide complete “turnkey” systems such as assembly lines, vertical buffers, horizontal dynamic buffers for panels, automatic storage systems for panels, automated systems for preparation of orders, automatic trolleys for handling stacks, robotic cells for assembly or manufacture, etc ..

Particular attention should be paid to the systems FAST and M1 from our partners Cassioli as they represent a concrete response to the current needs of furniture manufacturers. In recent years we have applied technologies that have changed the production processes.

The system F.A.ST. (Furniture Automatic Storage) is an innovative solution manufactured by Diamond Phoenix partners, Cassioli. The particulars of the system allow us to obtain performance unthinkable with any other traditional system for storage. The solution automates the process between the production lines and the loading of vehicles (training and customer order management including delays). This makes it possible to reduce logistics costs and offer a greater level of service.

The system M1 represents a specific solution for the management of panels which can solve some problems of handling and storage.

The M1 intensive warehouse represents the ideal solution for automated panel storage. The system may be adopted in all working contexts where modern workstations require frequent handling of semi-finished products. In particular, the new M1 system is highly effective in production process where the “lot size of one” method of operation has lead to the need for special, highperformance
storage systems.

The M1 system can efficiently manage handling of the single panels (warehouse outfeed flow) and stacks (infeed flow, typically on fork lift-trucks). The hybrid M1 system, which can automatically retrieve single panels fromthe stack, opens the door to new horizons in the field of automated panel processing.

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