Stacker Cranes For Pallets

Diamond Pheonix supplies and integrates high-quality stacker cranes for pallets throughout the UK.

Cassioli’s single/double-depth automatic unit-load warehouses for pallets are state-of-the-art storage systems that allow the handling of load units using stacker cranes on rails. Depending on requirements, these stacker cranes can be equipped with a single or double-column frame and different gripping systems for picking up and storing inside the shelving.

The stacker cranes carry out goods-in, placing, and goods-out operations guided by Cassioli’s proprietary management software, which coordinates all the movements of the stacker crane and allows quick and efficient management of the entire automated warehouse. Cassioli’s automatic pallet stacker crane systems can therefore be adapted to any product sector.

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stacker cranes
  • Optimisation of space and logistical efficiency
  • Reduced safety costs and operating costs
  • Automate product handling
  • Reduced operator risks
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and traceability of materials
  • Increased safety for operators
  • Possibility of using self-supporting structure


Do stacker cranes improve warehouse performance?

If you want to achieve the best possible efficiency and productivity within your warehouse, stacker cranes are essential for improving warehouse performance. Moreover, they ensure that storing and retrieving goods happens quickly. The planning and implementation of crane stackers for warehouses should be strategically arranged by automated handling material companies like Diamond Pheonix. One of the biggest reasons they improve warehouse performance is due to the fact that they retrieve a large number of items at any one given time.

Will stacker cranes optimise our space usage?

Yes, of course. Another top benefit of crane stackers for pallet warehouses is the fact they are able optimise your space usage. Cranes can be designed specifically to optimise your usage with a wide range of options to select from to suit the size of your warehouse. This means that even when they are not in use, they won't interfere with other business operations.

What are the different types of stacker cranes?

As previously mentioned in the above FAQ, there is a multitude of stacker cranes for you to select from, and our team at Diamond Phoenix is more than happy to take you through all possible options. Types of cranes include; single-mast, twin-mast cranes, twin-mast cranes with pallet shuttles, and trilateral stacker cranes.

Why choose Diamond Pheonix?

Diamond Phoenix Automation understands that the World of automation changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. Our team cares about your company and your continued success. We are known as a company with deep industry knowledge and experience across many different industry sectors. We work towards and deliver high standards which our current and past clients are willing to confirm.

What are the further advantages?

Further advantages of warehouse crane stackers include; eliminating human error in stock management, controlling and updating inventory accurately, automated storage and retrieval, and can be easily adapted to special working conditions.

Do you provide conveyor systems?

Yes, of course. Here at Diamond Pheonix, we are also able to design and integrate a number of conveyor systems for your warehouse including belt conveyors, pallet conveyors, modular belt conveyors, and more. Check out our dedicated conveyor system page here.

How do I get started?

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