Automated warehouse with stacker crane for pallets

Cassioli’s single/double-depth automatic unit-load warehouses for pallets are state-of-the-art storage systems that allow handling of load units using stacker cranes on rails. Depending on requirements, these stacker cranes can be equipped with a single or double-column frame and different gripping systems for picking up and storing inside the shelving. The stacker cranes carry out goods-in, placing and goods-out operations guided by Cassioli’s proprietary management software, which coordinates all the movements of the stacker crane and allows quick and efficient management of the entire automated warehouse. Cassioli’s automatic pallet stacker crane systems can therefore be adapted to any product sector.

  • Optimisation of space and logistical efficiency
  • Reduced safety costs and operating costs
  • Automated product handling
  • Reduced operator risks
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and traceability of materials
  • Increased safety for operators
  • Possibility of using self-supporting structure

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