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Horizontal and vertical carousel storage

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Horizontal Carousel Storage Sytem

Diamond Phoenix supply and install carousel storage throughout the UK for several industries. Our horizontal carousels are the ideal automated storage and retrieval system for high-speed order picking, parts delivery and sortation applications.

  • Typical rates 200 – 600 lines per hour
  • Rotating shelves automatically positioned in front of operator
  • Wide range of bin sizes
  • Bin capacities up to 1000kg
  • Integrated pick and put to light
  • Carousels can be double or triple stacked without modification
  • Manually controlled
  • Semi-automated
  • Fully automated (with Maxtractor)
  • Manual operation, semi-automated and fully automated options available

Vertical Carousel Storage System

Vertical carousel storage systems make good use of available vertical height generally for slow moving or high value items to be kept in secure, clean conditions.

Key Features:

  • Provide full use of vertical space.
  • Large pick face providing opportunity for multiple picks from one position.
  • Ergonomic height presentation of product.
  • Fully enclosed environment for product security and cleanliness.
  • Floor space recovery of up to 75%.
  • Maximises cube utilisation for common media heights.
  • Excellent payback for lower ceiling heights.

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What industries are carousel storage systems most suitable for?

Carousel storage systems are suitable for several industries and can be supplied and installed by Diamond Phoenix. Industries that can benefit from storage carousel systems include Airports, Automotive, Distribution, Efulfillment, and other industries. If you're looking for a storage system that can achieve high-speed order picking, parts delivery, and sortation applications, you'll benefit hugely from our systems. Get in touch for more information regarding your industry and business today.

Which carousel type can be used for multi-level picking?
This is another commonly asked question that our expert team is asked frequently. If you're seeking a carousel system that can be used for multi-level picking, we highly recommend horizontal carousel systems. These types of systems are very similar to the likes of shelving but with the added capability of the items automatically moving around the horizontal tracks for maximum productivity and efficiency. Additionally, there also may be an option to create a multi-level horizontal system.
Vertical vs Horizontal systems - what's the difference?

With our systems, of course, there is a clear difference between horizontal and vertical carousels. The main difference is found within the key features and the way the systems operate. Horizontal systems go along a straight line and are therefore perhaps the more efficient choice for industries that require high-speed order picking. On the other hand, vertical systems are suitable for slow-moving or high-value items to be kept in secure, clean conditions.

What are the main benefits?

Whether you decide to proceed with horizontal or vertical systems, there are several benefits to note. Firstly, you'll immediately notice a difference in picking productivity which will help to streamline warehouse operations and reduce time significantly reduce the time it takes to pick orders. Secondly, as well as being highly-efficient, they are also likely to improve the overall accuracy of your operations. Further benefits include space-saving capabilities and systems are incredibly simple to operate and manage.

Why choose Diamond Phoenix?

Diamond Phoenix Automation understands that the World of automation changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. Our prospective clients expect real effective results because in most cases they are facing tough problems which can only be addressed by complicated and sometimes risky change. Our experience in automation gives them the confidence to proceed and our 24/7 support means that we are there to deal with any issues that might arise.

What are the main considerations?

When choosing the most suitable storage system for your business and industry, there are a few considerations that you should be sure of before proceeding with your order. Firstly, it's important to ensure that you have the available space within your warehouse. Secondly, consider your potential load capacity. Calculate the average weight and size of a typical items. Other considerations include picking speeds and workplace needs.

How do I get started?

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