Warehouse Picking Systems

Diamond Phoenix Automation offer warehouse picking systems and technologies to provide a wide range of picking solutions. Including split case picking, full case picking, mixed case pallet assembly or a combination. From the most basic to fully automated systems and from order picking in distribution to kitting in a manufacturing environment Diamond Phoenix Automation have the expertise to increase your picking efficiencies, accuracy and achieve your future goals.

Order filling entails grouping given articles, materials and components based on any transformation requirements for subsequent shipping to logistics centers or for a given processing in a production cycle. These types of activities are best handled based on an accurate logistics and plant engineering know-how.

The current market trend calls for greater order frequency and small quantities. Correct order filling impacts not only corporate efficiency but also the service level offered to customers. For this reason, warehouse picking systems have become a significant competitive lever, especially in modern contexts that focus of a series of performances, such as order accuracy, availability and delivery speed.

Warehouse picking systems differ in terms of performance and work method. Therefore, a preliminary understanding of design process logic, in relation to the intrinsic elements, is indispensable:

  • Article characteristics (size, stackability, shape, etc.)
  • Amount of codes managed
  • Number of pieces per row on the order (on average)
  • Number of rows per order (on average)
  • Number of orders per day (on average)
  • Seasonal variations of orders
  • Stock turn by article class

Diamond Phoenix offers different picking systems, each of which is compatible with a given scenario. In some cases, the best solution entails the combined use of more than one system.

  • Carousel Picking
  • Voice Directed Picking
  • Pick To Light
  • Pick To Tote
  • Pick To Pallet
  • Goods To Man
  • Man To Goods
  • Automatic Replenishment
  • Ergonomic Pick Stations
  • Automated Tunnel Picking
  • Fully Automatic Pick And Palletise
  • Pick And Pack

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