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Qimarox Palletising Systems

Palletisation or palletising is a logistic process which consist of placing items/goods stacked together on a pallet. The goal of this process is to make it easier for a manufacturer to transport their loads.


A pallet is a square platform usually made out of wood, plastic or metal, provides the fundament for the products to be stacked on top of. Pallets have holes for a forklift or pallet jack to pick up and move the load all together for quick material handling. Palletising also helps to protect the items/goods when it is being transported by creating stacking patterns which add stability to the pallet as a whole. When palletising your items/good, the type of pallet you choose is fundamental. Therefore, you not only need to consider the material it’s made, but also their measurements: UK Pallets, half pallets, and Euro Pallet are the most common used.

When considering which pallet you will need to use you should consider these factors:

  • Which storage systems are you using.
  • Which storage system do your clients use.
  • The type of the products which his being palletised.
  • Which handling equipment do you have (manual or automatic).

The Benefits of Palletising

There are a lot of reasons why manufacturers choose to palletise their products. The main reason why palletisation in logistics is so popular is because of the many advantages that it brings. That is also the reason why the pallet is now the standard unit load for warehousing and material handling. Benefits of palletisation are:

  • Palletised products can be moved more quickly.
  • Reduce the risk of product damage
  • Faster turnaround of delivery vehicles.
  • Less labour required.
  • Perishable products are moved faster, reducing the risk of perishing.
  • Palletising is cost effective compared to traditional material handling


We can supply various palletising modules, from pattern-formation tables to high-capacity systems. All our palletisers form products with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

We offer:

Low Level Palletisers

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Hi Level Palletisers

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Get in touch with our expert team at Diamond Phoenix for all Palletising enquiries. Call us now on 01908 592 354 or use our contact form.

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