Warehouse Sortation Systems

Integrating a wide range of warehouse sortation systems

warehouse sortation systems

Warehouse sortation systems are used when a fairly high flow of cases, totes, or pieces needs to flow to different destinations. Destinations may be conveyors assigned to picking zones, individual truck docks, truck routes, customer orders, or other order consolidation assignments.

  • Pushers
  • Swivel Wheel
  • Shoe Sorter
  • Bomb Bay Sorter
  • Split Tray Sorter
  • Tilt Tray Sorter
  • Cross Belt Sorter

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What is a cross belt sorter?

A cross belt sorter is a popular type of conveyor-based sortation system. It consists of a chain of independently operated short conveyor belts mounted transversely along the main track. A cross belt sorter offers a multitude of benefits that alternate high-speed sorters may not be able to provide. Cross Belt Sorters can provide high-speed sortation throughput of more than 25,000 units per hour and can handle a wide range of products gently and accurately.

What are the benefits of automated sortation systems?

There are a multitude of benefits that several industries and businesses can use from choosing automated sortation systems. Firstly, you can benefit from increased order volumes without adding proportional labor. This can increase your bottom line and overall profits. Secondly, using automated systems are another fantastic way to streamline overall packing operations. Further benefits include improving order accuracy, reducing overall labour costs, and achieving fast order processing.

What are the main sortation system applications?

Automation sortation can go a long way to optimising your order fulfilment system that your operation is facing, but this isn't the only application that it's suitable for. Sortation systems are also suitable for receiving, which includes return processing and cross-docking. Moreover, it's also suitable for picking and packing. Systems can replace significantly reduce the wasted time that is often spent by human workers walking the floor to pick items. Furthermore, systems are also suitable for shipping.

What types of industries are sortation systems most suitable for?

Sortation systems are suitable for a multitude of applications and industries including the following; Automotive, Airports, Food and Beverage, Furniture and Woodworking, and many more. The primary purpose of these systems is to transport products or work in process from one work area to another. Moreover, they are also commonly used for transportation of lightweight products including corrugated boxes and plastics.

How do I choose the best and most suitable system?

This is a great question and one that we are asked frequently from new clients. Here at Diamond Phoenix, we supply a multitude of sortation systems including cross belt sorters, bomb bay sorters, tilt tray sorters, and split tray sorters. The most suitable system for your industry and business will depends on several variable factors such as your current budget, required throughput, specific applications requested, and more. But don't worry if you aren't sure. That's what we're here for.

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