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Most Suitable Conveyors For Pallet Warehousing

Most Suitable Conveyors For Pallet Warehousing

Are you looking for more information on pallet warehousing and what the most suitable conveyors systems are? If so, you’re going to want to stick around for our latest blog as we cover the most suitable types of systems.

Efficient material handling is crucial in pallet warehousing to ensure smooth operations, streamline workflows, and optimise productivity. Before selecting the most suitable types of conveyor system(s) for pallet warehousing, it’s important to identify your likely quantities, frequency of use, and other variable factors.

Here are the FOUR pallet conveyor systems we’ll be covering in this post:

•Powered Roller Conveyors
•Modular Belt Conveyors
•Chain Conveyors
•Gravity Roller Conveyors

Let’s get into suitable pallet conveyor systems…

Powered Roller Conveyors

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Powered roller conveyors are regularly used to transfer pallets in a warehouse from one location to another. This type of conveyor system uses a series of rollers placed at regular intervals to move pallets. They allow for an efficient flow of pallets, in large quantities, in a controlled movement. Moreover, roller conveyor systems are specifically suitable within pallet warehousing for straight sections of pallet transport and are ideal for accumulation zones, where pallets need to accumulate or queue temporarily. 

Modular Belt Conveyors

modular belt conveyor

If your warehouse operations are regularly dealing with delicate or fragile pallets, you may want to consider continuous Modular Belt Conveyor Systems with Diamond Phoenix Automation. Modular belt conveyor systems are able to provide a consistent and smooth means of transport for all quantities and types of pallets. Moreover, they are also highly flexible for different sizes of warehouses. For example, they can be accommodated where curved, incline or decline paths are required. 

Chain Conveyors

Do you need a type of conveyor system that is suitable for transporting pallets between different levels of your warehouses, or even across long distances? If so, you may want to consider chain conveyors. Chain Conveyor Systems typically consist of a series of interconnected chains that run beneath the pallets. Moreover, this type of conveyor system may be right up there as the number one choice if pallets will be contending with demanding or rugged environments. 

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity conveyors are another popular choice across the UK and Europe for pallet warehousing. As the name suggests, gravity conveyors rely on the natural force of gravity to move pallets along a declining or sloping surface. The movement is 100% based on gravity and they are therefore extremely cost-effective, especially when compared to powered roller conveyors. For pallet handling, gravity roller conveyors are normally used at loading and unloading areas. However, they are also commonly installed at staging zones within warehouses. 

What About AGV’s?

You didn’t think we weren’t going to touch AGV’s, did you? Of course not! Although AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicle Systems) are not a traditional conveyor system, they are an alternative type of warehouse solution that are efficient in transporting pallets from one location to another within your warehouse. AGVs are robotic systems that can be pre-programmed to follow predetermined paths to high accuracy. AGVs are also highly flexible for pallet transportation and routes can be adjusted. 

Key features of AGVs include:

•Execution Of Operations
•Elimination Of Destination Errors
•Efficient, Fast & Flexible
•Compatible With Various Pallet Sizes
•Highly Customisable

Why Choose Diamond Phoenix?

Here at Diamond Phoenix Automation, we supply and install a multitude of pallet conveyor systems for warehousing including; belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors, chain conveyors and belt conveyors. We cover a number of industries too, including E-Fulfilment, and you can check out all industries here. In 2013 we became Cassioli’s sole UK agent in part because we have a proven track record of helping companies implement and integrate new systems.

We make a commitment to understand your business from the ground up and collaborate with you to ensure we understand your requirements and goals, guiding you through every step of the solutions development process.

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