Telescopic Boom Conveyors

Designing and integrating high-quality telescopic boom conveyors

telescopic boom conveyors

Diamond Phoenix supply and install high-quality telescopic boom conveyors across the UK for a multitude of businesses and sectors.

We specifically install Multi-Stage Telescopic Conveyors (MTC’s) which are manufactured and designed to achieve high handling rates. This type of conveyor system is highly versatile and suitable for various purposes within warehouses and further business sectors. Telescopic Boom Conveyors are particularly suitable for unloading containers, vans, trucks, and trailers. MTC’s are proven to help speed up the unloading and loading processes that otherwise may slow business operations down.

Diamond Phoenix are equipped to install Telescopic Boom Conveyors within your operations with two main options available. Firstly, we can install these conveyor systems by installing on the ground level, which is suitable when an incline conveyor is also incorporated. The second option to consider is installing the system via a loading decking.

This type of conveyor comes readily integrated with high-specification features that help to streamline all your handling operations, improve productivity, and increase efficiency. MTC’s are able to facilitate almost any offloading or unloading operation.

Telescopic boom conveyors help your business to save money by speeding up loading and offloading processes. Standard features include front control panels, safety crash bar, underside covers, and end lights. This is a highly safe type of conveyor system that will ensure all good and products are fully protected during handling.

Looking to find out more about how telescopic boom conveyors can benefit your operations or want to receive your quotation? Look no further than Diamond Phoenix. Please call us today on 01908 592354 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.


What are the typical products?

Telescopic Boom Conveyors are flexible enough to be able to load and offload a multitude of different products including cartons, carpets, mattresses, parcels, tyres, and much more. The versatility of the MTC is what makes it such as popular and in-demand choice across various sectors and markets.

What are the main benefits of telescopic boom conveyors?

There are a multitude of benefits to telescopic boom conveyors with one of the main benefits being that you can expect your operations to be much more efficient and see an increase in productivity. This is because you'll experience much faster loading and unloading. Further benefits include improved ergonomic working conditions and you'll experience a safe and reliable operation.

What type of time savings can I expect?

Great question. It's difficult to provide a general response as it depends on variable factors such as your business sector and quantity of your loading/offloading. However, as a general rule of thumb, it's likely that you'll experience approximately 50% savings in time with a telescopic boom conveyor able to load up to a container in just 2 hours, compared with 4 hours if manually loaded.

What types of businesses are they suitable for?

Due to the flexible and adaptable nature of this type of conveyor, they are suitable for many types of businesses and sectors. Specifically, they are commonly supplied and installed for warehouses, factories, food and beverage, and more.

Why choose Diamond Phoenix?

Diamond Phoenix are proud to be your go-to and reliable conveyor system company. We have a tried and tested proven process for solutions across varied applications and sectors. From the simplest conveyor system to the more complex, you can truly rely on our experience team to provide a bespoke service and installation that impacts your business not just for the short-term, but for the long-term.

Do you offer installation and maintenance?

Yes, of course. Here at Diamond Phoenix, we are able to provide comprehensive installation for telescopic boom conveyors and alternate conveyor systems. You'll be pleased to know that we also provide conveyor maintenance if required.

How do I get started?

Looking to get started and discuss your requirements for telescopic conveyor systems? Get in touch with Diamond Phoenix today by calling us directly on 01908 592354 or use our online contact form and we'll get back to you.

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