Experience and Passion for the Automotive Sector

Diamond Phoenix is a partner that accompanies you throughout the entire production cycle of your plants and assembly line conveyor system requirements.

Our technicians are able to provide advice and to design systems of assembly line and production specifically for the automotive sector. The plan takes into consideration all the individual stations analysed, from a functional point of view, so as to ensure the required output.

Decades of experience in this sector, enables us to calculate the best compromise between the flexibility typical of parallel systems (specialised line, shorter set-up, greater production flexibility and operational reliability) and all costs of the devices to be used (dimensions, choice of the moving system, warehouse capacity, level of supply flows materials etc).

Our services include layout design, process simulation, verification of the system and personnel training. Thanks to our production to 360 degrees, the systems are equipped with all necessary devices such as elevators, tippers, rotary tables, manipulators, robots, elevators in zero gravity, palletizers, depalletizers etc.

A complete control of the flow of components or kits that serve the stations is the prerogative necessary to define the configuration of the line, with important repercussions on the management of the system.

Designing the line according to the piece to be produced: this determines the quality and the product that is being achieved

In conclusion, each of our plant solutions including an assembly line conveyor is the result of a careful analysis of the piece to be produced. The flows in terms of physical location and the temporal distribution imposed by the production program in conjunction with the supplies planned for each individual station. Gain the benefit of our specialist assembly line expertise.

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