Diamond Phoenix products and services for distribution chains

Ideal solutions for e-commerce, retailers, shopping malls and all those situations where the speed and accuracy of the flow of packages plays a decisive role.

One of the things that we must do more attention in times of crisis, is the allocation of resources that you have available. In recent years, where the economy in general has certainly shown trends of growth in our country, the sector of the GDO (large retail chains) has invested in every case in an area that still have good growth prospects and therefore new opportunities for cost reduction.

the speed and security in the management of stock and orders will lead to savings significant resources for the company

The ability to propose and implement a customized solutions that meet the needs of the customer, the high quality of the products and ‘reliability of the supplier over the safety of its time of creation, make CASSIOLI the ideal supplier to build the entire system Automatic.

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