Ajinomoto – a Japanese multinational manufacturer of food – turned to Cassioli for the realization of an automatic system dedicated to the palletization of the boxes of products coming from the different 9 production lines with the need to palletize each of these 9 lines separately in their respective pallets.

One of the main requests of the customer was to look for a solution that could take up little space and that above all could work side by side with employees, reducing the risks and the possibility of accidents.

Cassioli and Diamond Phoenix has installed 3 palletizing cells where each robot can work simultaneously on three lines by palletizing on its own pallet.

Through rigorous functional analysis of operational and setup phases, ensuring all safety requirements and maintaining all functions, it was possible to operate without compromising the performance of the solution.

As a result of the above installations and integrations, Ajinomoto benefited from an increase in the production line of 70%, a significant reduction of the workforce and risk of operational accidents, maximum exploitation of the available space, and maximum organisation of the working environment.

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