Sammontana S.p.A. is an Italian food company specializing in the production of ice cream and frozen croissants. Operating within the food & beverage sector, Sammontana were seeking to automate their warehouse to improve the efficiency of production lines, overall productivity, and to aid long-term sustainable growth.

The customers needs were clear from the offset. Sammontana were seeking a highly-effective automated warehouse that was well-connected with the production department, located beyond a municipal road.

Moreover, the customer also required the assistance of Cassioli and Diamond Phoenix to ensure full compliance of with the latest standards in terms of safety, maintenance, service and remote control).

After taking the time to understand the customer requirements, a detailed and forward-thinking proposal was submitted and approved. This solution was an automated warehouse that consisted of the following:

• 4 double-depth stacker cranes
• 1 iCrane stacker crane
• 4 SLS shuttles
• 4 elevators for pallet handling
• Service pallet stacker
• Conveyor system
• Quality control system

Advantages & Benefits

As a result of the implementation of the automated warehouse for Sammontana, they are now benefiting from the following;-

• Maximum exploitation of the available space
• Significant increase in production efficiency
• Maximum organisation of the working environment
• Significant reduction of the workforce
• 100% increase of storage capacity

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